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A refurbishment can be a quick way of enhancing your property's charm both inside and out. If you have bought in the last 5 years moving may not be an option. Moving to another area may not be feasible and will not have the character of an established area which takes years to create. Instead, you can stay put and work on what you have by removing some load bearing walls to create a more modern open plan space.

How it works . . .

We will work with you to ensure the refurbishment process runs smoothly.  Contact us to discuss your refurbishment requirements.  From here we will arrange a home visit along with a quote and proposal.  On some occasions, minor structural alterations may be necessary and therefore require the service of an architect or engineer as well as council consent. The consent application will be carried out for you on your behalf by our architect.

Why us?

We are a dedicated renovation company and are passionate about getting the best we can from your home.

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If you're interested in a refurbishment, we'd love to hear from you!  Get in contact with us on 021 855 444 or via the CONTACT US page.