Meet Dan, the Director at The Reno Guys! 

He has been a carpenter for over 20 years and has a passion for carrying out major renovation projects. His experience is shown in all of his work and the amount of renovations he's completed over the years. Without him, the business wouldn't be where it is today!

Dan's other passion within the business is working alongside his team and mentoring them. He believes that fostering a healthy working environment encourages the guys to work without fear which in turn makes them fearless.

So if you see Dan on-site, be assured you're in good hands!!


Meet Laurie, a familiar face on the many projects and site that we've worked on!  You may find Laurie on the power tools or high up on a ladder.

So if you see Laurie visitng your home renovation, fear not, you're in good hands!



Scott spends a lot of time on numerous sites and is often on a different project every few weeks!  One week could be a full bathroom renovation and the next a full house!  For Scott, this alows him to really enjoy the variety of work that he gets to complete and he gets on well too with his team members!

So if you see Scott doing a renovation for you, you're in good hands!!


Our newst member to the team. An experienced builder with lots to offer and a freindly face when you see him on your project. 




As a second year apprentice, Brennan has plenty of experience and will be with one of our carpenters learning!

When you see Brennan around on your project, know that he's learning from the best!




Helping out the builders, Kieran is an integral part of our team and considering taking up an apprenticeship.


Meet Ali, she has been running all the behind the scenes work.

Ali loves all aspects of her role, whether planning the guys schedules, running the books or ensuring clients are updated with their project, no two days are the same.

If you ever call the office, she'll be the friendly voice on the other line!