Raymond Street Renovation

We were very happy to reconnect with some old clients on this project.  Brett, Karen and Tayla contacted us for a refurbishment project this time.

This property was a sound purchase and a great platform to improve on.  The brief was to renovate a home using sustainable principles and to ensure that it will be warm for future tenants. The house comprises of a full interior refurbishment, re roof and entry deck. Insulation to floor had been already done and the ceiling insulation was topped up. The exterior walls have now been insulated along with a new heat pump and smart vent system which will warm the home and help it breath. An inclusion of the hidden fitted laundry supplied and fitted by Adam from Woodvine furniture in the bathroom which works really well and has made the bathroom feel much bigger. Space was gained in the kitchen by removing the hot water cylinder and installing an external electric hot water cylinder. The high end galley style kitchen, stove, oven and marble splashbacks where purchased second hand following the sustainable goal. There where some minor adjustments made to the kitchen by Adam and it slot it right in.

How do think it turned out?